Kick Starting an old Royal Enfield Bullet

Here’s a small guide to kick starting that old bull out of the shed and start rolling on it. Being an ageless aged motorcycle you’ve got to realize that this machine is completely mechanical, its design dates back to an era when our grandfather’s winding dial fixed line telephones and monochromatic televisions used to be a rarity. Thus its just improperly rude to expect something this old to start easily and if you’ve left it ignored for years then consider your leg personally prayed for whilst I write this monologue.


Checklist before starting :

  • Non-rusted fuel tank with fuel.
  • Relatively clean carburetor.
  • At least minimum engine oil levels.
  • Sparking spark plug.
  • Dry firing point and decent ignition timing.

Kick Start Procedure :

  1. Stand up from the seat.
  2. Turn the handle bar completely to the left so your right knee can be spared if the bike decides to kick back. Also engage choke lever on the carburetor if the bike hasn’t been started lately.
  3. maxresdefaultEngage the decomp (cylinder decompress) lever, slowly move the kick starter one full cycle and let it come back to its original position . (Do not kick yet, this is just to push oil out of the sump and into circulation).
  4. Take a good look at the ammeter now, if the needle is positioned either to the plus or minus directions – engage the decomp again and very gently take the kick lever down just till the ammeter pointer moves to neutral position then release kick to normal position. (This is basically to provide maximum leverage to the engine so it can successfully crank the next rev cycle).

    bull dashboard

    Gun points to ammeter xD

  5. Once neutral ammeter position is attained, disengage the decomp completely and give the kick lever a committed and torquey kick. (Do not throttle up fully while starting).
  6. Once the engine thumps to life disengage the choke and hold the rpm at slightly more than idle for twenty to thirty seconds before letting it idle on its own. (Do not over rev).
  7. If the bike does not start while also emitting a strong smell of petrol, then disengage the choke lever and try steps 3, 4 & 5 till it starts or till you give up.

Mighty thanks for reading… keep riding, traveling, exploring and basically jigging to this wonderful opportunity called ‘Life’.



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