Pip #3 | Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh

                                       Have any of you avid / ardent travelers happen to bypass ‘Kalpa’ on the road to Spiti, whilst passing through Kinnaur on one of the world’s most dangerous roads? Maybe you were on a tight schedule, or happened to miss that little road going off the beaten path or maybe just not in the mood to take that detour. Whatever the case, i’m here to pop an update (read as rub it in) as to what you missed as the sun went down on Kalpa.


Yeah, sat there having a warm cup of tea while nature played its own eloquent orchestra right in front of my very stunned eyes.

This is a place where you’d want to pull up an armchair and rest your legs on the balcony parapet; as you gaze the crimson orange hues of sunset while soaking in the diverse cacophony of myriad birds tweeting around.

Until next time…

Cheers and happy traveling people


Places in Pictures | Pip #1 | Nako Village

Nako, Himachal Pradesh

When you step inside the zone of this little jewel of a town, you’ll instantly be swept off to a pre industrial era. Its as if the place is quarantined in the past, its rugged interface forms a particularly raw foreground to the magnificent and lofty Himalayas in the back. It would actually be an understatement to say that this place invokes the photographer in you, as I  was personally spellbound and completely shutterbugged.


Situated at a height of 12014 ft above sea level, it hardly has much vegetation going for it hence the starkness. It serves as a perfect prelude if you happen to be travelling on to Spiti Valley, a beautiful place to camp or spend a spare just relaxing. You can either camp beside the lake like some mountain bikers do or stay at a hotel with a room and restaurant.


Keep in mind this place isn’t for people trying to get piss drunk and party, that is what city pubs and discos are meant for. This is a place for tranquility though, where birdsong and livestock wake you up to the uniquely stark yet beautiful landscape of a mountain desert at 12000 ft.


Happy travels people!